A little something about me

Walter Murch, the legendary film editor – and Coppola’s house editor – used an editing strategy that was based on eye blinking. His cuts were always situated when the actors blinked in the scene. His theory was: if the acting was good then the audience was in sync and blinked at the same time – the cut became natural.

In today´s continuously changeable media landscape your audience (yes you have to see your target group as that) might be on a completely different place when they open their eyes again. They are in charge of their own digital story, and that´s a story that you want to be part of. But if your content is irrelevant or uninteresting the audience cut it away by themselves. But if it´s good (your film can be good in many many ways) they might share it – and boom – you´ve got a bigger audience.

I have worked with motion media in over 20 years. With everything from strategy, concept and production – real life and motion graphics. I have also produced shorts and features and directed drama that has competed in international film festivals. I have held courses at different schools – for instance arkitekthögskolan. The last three years I have worked as a Creative Director at Rewir.

In many years I have argued with customers about: ”Just because everybody might get in touch with your film you don´t have to talk to the whole world” and ”if you want to talk to the whole world – don´t tell everything”.
And always put yourself in your audience´s cloth in able to fit into their story and hopefully make a turning point.

Mats Karsvall
Mobile +46 707 99 13 14