A little something about me

Film is all about emotions and when done right it´s the best form of communication there is. The future looks bright – film is the main source of traffic on the Internet and production tools are affordable for everyone. The tricky part is getting the right message out to the right people and to make it look really awesome. That’s where I come in.

Apart from being a film director at Unreel, I´ve studied journalism, political science and documentary filmmaking. I´m the Editor-in-chief for the award winning film site Onyanserat.se, film expert in Swedish Public Radio program PP3, music writer for Obladoo.se, café racer enthusiast, surfer, scuba diver and fly fisher.

This is what I do and this is who I am.

Måns Lindén
Script writer/Director
Mobile +46 70 306 22 66